Newlands Kindergarten

Helping children understand themselves, their environment and their world, by taking appropriate risks and exploring and testing their ideas, is at the heart of all we encourage in our brand new, spacious Kindergarten.

We have wonderful new facilities, including expansive green spaces with an abundance of fascinating flora and fauna for the children to explore. This all enables us to provide a safe and secure setting for every child to grow.

Our highly-trained staff ensure a wide variety of child-led activities are available during every session. Our children benefit from a balance of focused tasks as well as opportunities for free play which allows them to understand their world as well as developing socially and emotionally. Every child is treated as an individual and is encouraged to challenge themselves whilst being supported by our caring and understanding staff.

We believe strongly that partnership with parents is integral to improving our children's learning experiences. As such, we regularly encourage our parents to get involved with activities such as our weekly book lending library and our 'Stay, Play and Learn' sessions.

Whether it is enjoying our healthy snacks, donning a pair of Wellington boots to venture outdoors, sitting quietly listening to a story, watching the effects of the seasons around us, talking about our ideas and thoughts, singing and making rhymes or running and jumping, the Newlands Kindergarten is a safe place of nurture and growth.

Come and see all we have to offer.