Newlands Nursery

What more could a child want than a safe and exciting place in which to grow, learn, experience and develop? That is exactly what is provided at our Nursery and Kindergarten.

Our friendly and highly-trained staff are on hand to welcome the children and help them as they learn through play.

The playroom leads onto our expansive grounds that offer an outdoor environment rich in natural beauty. Such a space is perfect for little feet to run around, little hands to touch and hold, little eyes to observe their world and little ears to listen to the sounds around us.

There is also ample opportunity to explore in our purpose-built indoor spaces, encountering many new skills that help to promote greater independence, develop social skills and build strong relationships.

We want the children in our care to grow in confidence and understanding as well as in their abilities and talents.

For more information on our pre-school, call us on 0141 342 5494.