Milngavie Nursery & Kindergarten

Here at The Glasgow Academy Milngavie, you will discover an inviting, safe and stimulating environment for boys and girls aged 3-5 years. It is our mission to foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

The Milngavie Nursery is located in a unique setting on the edge of Barloch Moor where children's learning can be nurtured both in the bright, spacious playroom and in the magical outdoors. The children are free to explore, experiment and lead their learning but there is still calmness and routine.

Here, children experience being part of the whole school. They build friendships with their peers and the older children who in turn never miss an opportunity to care for 'our little ones'. Transitions are therefore seamless, as staff and specialist staff turnover is low and we all know everyone in our school community.

You don't need to be worried about leaving your child on the first day. We respect your knowledge as a parent. Take your time and allow your child to settle. Soon they will be interacting with the other boys and girls and you will start to see their work prominently displayed around the playroom.

'We have been given lots of opportunities to be involved with the school. These opportunities have not just been for parents but also grandparents. It is such a lovely experience to get involved with what the children are doing.'
Milngavie parent

The curriculum we follow is 'The Curriculum for Excellence' and our children experience early writing, reading and numeracy skills, in addition to Science, Music, French, Expressive Arts, Environmental Studies and Expressive Arts. But we don't rush young children. Free-play and quiet time are equally important where children are nurtured by supportive, experienced practitioners.

We know you are going to have many questions and the best way to have them answered is to visit us, but I have included a few pointers below:

  • We have government-funded, local authority partnership
  • Sessions are 8am - 1pm (with lunch from noon-1pm) and 1pm - 6pm. 
  • The school is open 8am-6pm and Nursery/Kindergarten children can make use of After School Care and free Breakfast Club
  • The school operates a childcare voucher scheme
  • You can find out more about us by calling 0141 342 5494 or emailing

I am a firm believer in first impressions. Do come and see us.

Jean McMorran, Head of The Glasgow Academy Milngavie