Kelvinbridge Nursery

A warm welcome to Kelvinbridge Nursery.

The Glasgow Academy Kelvinbridge Nursery is a unique nurturing environment for children aged 3-4 years and their families.

Our staff at Kelvinbridge Nursery are highly qualified and skilled at providing a well-planned balance of active learning opportunities alongside structured experiences, all of which reflect the children's current interests and are in line with their individual next steps for learning.

As well as having daily outdoor play, we give the children an immersive outdoor experience each week beside the picturesque River Kelvin, only a short walk away. There are also weekly yoga and gym lessons led by trained staff.

We are strong advocates of the importance of family in children's education and regularly involve families in a range of different experiences, including helping to monitor the progress of the annual Nursery Improvement Plan, Singing Together time and 'Stay, Play and Learn' sessions. Families are also encouraged to come in to Nursery and share their skills or interests with us all.

The Nursery is very much part of the whole school community at The Glasgow Academy; the Nursery children attend Golden Assembly, participate in weekly paired reading sessions with the older children and actively contribute to many charity fund-raising events.

A detailed transition programme is in place to support the children and families as they move to Kindergarten for their pre-school year.

The Nursery is in partnership with Glasgow City Council so there are funded places available.

Miss Arlene McCracken, Nursery Room Leader