Prep School Show - 28 March £8

The Glasgow Academy Prep School presents...

The Amazing Adventures of Superstan

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Venue: The Cargill Hall

Time: 7pm

Meet the world's newest, greatest and most unlikely Superhero in Craig Hawes' comical musical that's packed with muscle and marvel!

Stanley Marvel may be the clumsiest clot in Megaville, but he's happy to read his comics and dream his life away. That is until it's turned upside-down when he discovers that local hero, The Candy King, is actually a Super-Villain determined to conquer the world with his corrupt confectionery! As the sugary charlatan and his mad minions enslave the citizens with hypnotic gobstoppers and a giant remote control, Stan knows Megaville is in need of a Superhero. But when his crazy Gran and her crumbly chums reveal an earth-shattering secret, Stan's shocked to discover his own true identity!

Join us in this marvellous musical, which packs a powerful punch with its witty script, crazy characters and spectacular songs, giving your cast and audience an unforgettable show that's quite simply... SUPER!

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Prep School Show - 28 March