Partnering INnovativE APProaches to LEarning

Thank you for visiting us here at PINEAPPLE.

All the greatest innovations in education started life as an idea, and our role is to bring more of these ideas to fruition by helping to tackle the largest obstacles to making them a reality; money and expertise.

About the fund

PINEAPPLE has been designed to accept a wide range of submissions, from the development of a new app or commissioning research into a specific teaching approach to creating a new workbook or suite of resources.

The one stipulation is that applicants must demonstrate how their idea will make a positive contribution to Scottish education.

We want to hear from any teacher or educational professional who has an idea for improving or transforming the way we interact with young people in a school setting.

It can be something as simple as designing new posters for the classroom to setting up a programme that gets parents and carers more engaged in learning.

As well as delivering funding, The Glasgow Academy will provide strategic support, offering guidance and access to the school’s established network and contacts to take your idea from the page to a wide audience.

All ideas will be thoroughly considered and, if successful, we will work closely with the teachers to make their vision a reality.

Who can apply?

We welcome ideas from anyone, but to give you the best chance of success we would ask that you consider whether your idea does these things:

> Will it improve education in an area, subject or skill (for example Literacy, Physics, Teamwork) or in some other way?

> Will it help children in Scotland (we welcome applications from anywhere, but it must work for pupils in Scotland too, so we would not fund a purely A Level resource for example)?

Application form

Having read the above, if you feel that your idea is eligible for consideration, then please complete the form below.

We greatly appreciate you visiting us and will be in touch in due course to let you know how your application is progressing.

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