Your Views

We want The Glasgow Academy to be the best it can be and we like hearing parents' and children's views.  

Please email your comments and suggestions to:

Prep School
Miss Smith (Deputy Head, Prep School)

Senior School or whole-school issues
Dr Gibson (Head of Senior School)

In the Prep School, many day-to-day issues can be handled by your child's class teacher and subsequently the Stage Leader.

Academic issues are handled by Mr Fairlie-Clarke, Academic Deputy. All Prep School staff can be contacted at

In the Senior School, your first point of contact is the child's tutor and subsequently the Head of House or Head of Department.

Academic matters are handled by Mr MacRae, Deputy Head Academic. All Senior School staff can by contacted at 

If you are dissatisfied with any action, or lack of action, taken by the school about a matter you can raise this through our complaints procedure.

For matters not relating directly to education, please contact Mrs Galloway, Bursar. 

We are of course pleased if you contact whoever can most immediately and directly address your issue, which is frequently the member of staff who best knows you/your child or who is responsible for the area in which your issue lies.