Travelling to The Academy


There are bus stops on either side of Great Western Road which provide a regular bus service to most parts of the City, and beyond. Timetables may be accessed here

Glasgow Bus Network Map available here.

Coaches (School Transport)

School coach services operate from the North and South of the City and from South Lanarkshire.  Parents interested in these services should contact the Administration Office on 0141 334 8558.


The Glasgow Underground provides a convenient means of travelling from the City Centre and the south side of the city. Its twin tunnels provide a circular service linking 15 stations in 24 minutes as follows:

Monday-Saturday: Trains run every 4 minutes at peak times, every 6 minutes during the day and every 8 minutes in the evenings.

Sunday: Trains run every 8 minutes.

Park & Ride: Car parking is available at Shields Road, Bridge Street and Kelvinbridge station. An inclusive ticket covers the cost of parking plus a return journey on the Underground. All car parks are equipped with closed-circuit TV surveillance.


A visitors’ parking system is in operation at Kelvinbridge. Visitors requiring a parking place should contact the Administration Centre at least 24 hours before their arrival, and on arrival report there for a permit. If you do not have a permit, please do not park in the car park.

Parking is forbidden in streets closest to the school other than in the designated white spaces. It is not allowed on the left hand side of Belmont Street running up from Great Western Road to Kelvin Memorial Church: there are signs to that effect on entering Belmont Street from Great Western Road and at the bridge by the Church.

Parents should also note that although parking is provided for parents to pick up children in the back playground from 2.50pm - 3.30pm each day, we cannot permit movement of cars between 3.10pm - 3.20pm as pupils change classes at this time. The whole playground is available for parking at school shows, prize-givings, special events etc., for which information will be forwarded.

We encourage parents to use the SPT car park adjacent to the underground station at Kelvinbridge for short-term parking and accompanied dropping off and collection of younger pupils. Parents may park at Kelvinbridge underground station to drop-off and pick-up children, at any time of day. 30 mins is 50p; 30 mins to 60 mins £1.00; and, all day parking £5.40 via the designated ticket machine situated in the car park, and using the crossing on Great Western Road to access the school.

Any essential dropping off, for example pupils with mobility issues, may be provided for within the school car park by prior arrangement with the Administration Centre.

Car Share

Others will be travelling in a similar route to you to school, or from school, so you can share your journeys. If you have empty seats in your car, why not share them with someone else on your route? Or sign up to find a lift from someone already driving your way to school. Or just take turns driving.

Cycling and Walking to and from School

At The Glasgow Academy we encourage parents and pupils to travel to and from school by cycling and walking (active travel) wherever possible. 

Some of the benefits of active travel are: 

  • improving both mental and physical health
  • establishing positive active travel behaviour
  • promoting independence and improving safety awareness
  • reducing congestion, noise and pollution in the community
  • reducing the environmental impact of the journey to school.

To make cycling and walking to and from school a positive experience for everybody concerned, we expect our pupils to:

  • ride sensibly and safely and to follow the Highway Code 
  • check that their bicycle is roadworthy and regularly maintained
  • behave in a manner which shows them and the school in the best possible light and to consider the needs of others when cycling 
  • consider wearing a cycle helmet
  • ensure they can be seen by other road users, by using lights and wearing high-visibility clothing, appropriate. 

For the wellbeing of our pupils, we expect parents and carers to: 

  • encourage their child to walk or cycle to school wherever possible
  • encourage their child to take up opportunities to develop their competence and confidence in cycling
  • consider cycling with their child on the school run
  • provide their child with equipment such as high-visibility clothing, lights, a lock and cycle helmet as appropriate
  • ensure that the bicycles ridden to school are roadworthy and regularly maintained.