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M8 Kingston Bridge - East Barrier Works

From:  07/01/2018 06:00   To: 31/03/2018 23:59

Eastbound Barrier Works - M8 Kingston Bridge South Approach

As part of Transport Scotland’s strategic trunk road maintenance programme, Scotland TranServ is  supervising essential upgrading work to the cope and parapets on the M8 Kingston Bridge South Approaches.

Following successful completion of the westbound phase prior to Christmas, Raynesway Construction Ltd will now replace the edge coping, vehicle barriers and expansion joints on the East bound carriageway on the south approach structure. Traffic management will  be implemented on the M8 eastbound carriageway from Sunday 7 January 2018 with planned overall completion expected in March 2018. 

In order to work as safely and efficiently as possible, it will be necessary to narrow the lanes on the bridge through the work zone with a reduced speed limit of 40mph.

To implement the narrow lanes and erect a temporary vehicle barrier, overnight closures of the east bound carriageway will be implemented on Sunday 7 to Wednesday 10 January.  Traffic will be diverted onto local roads before joining the M8 eastbound carriageway beyond the works area.

Peter McCann, Scotland TranServ’s Major Bridges Manager said:

“The Kingston Bridge and its approaches are now 50 years old and require regular routine maintenance. The crossing is the busiest in Scotland and is an integral part of life and business in the West of Scotland.

“The westbound phase of works has been  delivered with everything possible done to  minimise  disruption for road users. We’ve been working in liaison with Police Scotland, Local Authorities and key stakeholders to ensure that this next phase of essential improvement work is delivered in a similar manner. Narrowing the lanes will allow our contractors to work as quickly and safely as possible, while maximising the traffic flow.”

However delays of up to 20 minutes are to be expected during peak periods. 

Mr McCann continued:

“Whilst the westbound phase of works was delivered with minimal delay, potential delays of up to 20 minutes have been forecasted by our specialist traffic flow modeller and we would ask drivers to either allow additional time for their journeys, seek alternative routes or travel times.  They could also consider park and ride or switch to public transport. We would advise motorists to always check latest roads information on or by following @trafficscotland on Twitter.”

Yellow Zig Zag lines

We have received reports of parents parking on yellow Zig Zag lines where it is illegal to stop. We would ask that those doing so, for whatever reason, please desist.

North Woodside Road area

Parents using this area as a drop-off and pick-up point, particularly North Woodside Road, have been reported as speeding on occasion. Apart from Academy children using the road to walk to and from school many other children use that road to walk to and from both the primary and secondary schools nearby. So we advise that drivers adhere to the speed limit in the vicinity of the North Woodside area, which is 30mph or slower when children are around.

Belmont Crescent

It has been brought to our attention that some parents are parking in the middle of the road in Belmont Crescent while they wait with their children for the Prep School to open. In so doing they are preventing residents who have been out in their cars from accessing parking on their return or from leaving the Crescent. We would ask that parents give Crescent residents more consideration.

Car Emissions

Neighbours have asked the school to alert parents who have parked in the vicinity of Belmont Street, Belmont Crescent, Colebrooke Street and Colebrooke Place, while waiting for pupils to come out of the Academy, that it is an offence for car engines to be running.

For further information see Section 88 of the Environment Act 1995, Regulation 98 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, as amended, and the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (Scotland) Regulations 2003 which make it an offence to leave a vehicle engine running unnecessarily while that vehicle is parked. The above legislation enables local authorities to instruct motorists to switch off their engines while their vehicles are parked, while issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to those who refuse to cooperate.

While it is not the intention of local authorities to target motorists who leave engines running when parked for no more than a few seconds, their action is targeted towards more serious offenders (e.g. car engines running outside schools while parents wait on their children).

In essence, emissions from stationary vehicles are only a small contributor to overall levels of air pollution, but they can cause discomfort to people in the immediate vicinity, particularly where they occur in sensitive areas (e.g. outside schools). High levels of localised pollution can also trigger symptoms of asthma and other respiratory diseases in vulnerable people.

We would, therefore, encourage all motorists to have due regard to the local environment when parking.

Dropping off Children

May we ask that that parents be more considerate to others when dropping their children off in the morning. Since the school returned at the beginning of the new term there have been reports of parents stopping their cars outside the school gates then taking much longer than they need to get their young children and schoolbags out of the cars before saying goodbye to them, all of which is causing considerable congestion, both outside the school and in Great Western Road and Belmont Street.

General Information

We are encouraging parents to use the SPT car park adjacent to the underground station at Kelvinbridge for short term parking and accompanied dropping off and collection of younger pupils. Parents may park at Kelvinbridge underground station to drop-off and pick-up children, at any time of day. 30 mins is 50p; 30 mins to 60 mins £1.00; and, all day parking £5.00 via the designated ticket machine situated in the car park, and using the crossing on Great Western Road to access the school.

Any essential dropping off, for example pupils with mobility issues, may be provided for within the school car park by prior arrangement with the Administration Centre.

The existing visitors' parking system will continue to operate at Kelvinbridge school car park. Visitors who have business at the school requiring a parking place should contact the Administration Centre at least 24 hours before their arrival, and on arrival report there for a permit. If you do not have a permit, please do not park in the car park.

Access to the school car park may be restricted at times. Again, when this is the case parents will be notified.

In the afternoon, although parking is provided for parents to pick up children in the back playground from 2.50pm - 3.30pm each day, we cannot permit movement of cars between 3.10pm and 3.20pm as pupils change classes at this time. Information about parking at school shows, prize-givings, special events etc., will be sent to parents and staff in advance of the event, but parking could be restricted at times. Again, in this event, the SPT car park will be open.

Kelvinbridge is well served with buses and the underground, which is three stops from a heavy rail service connection at Partick.


There are bus stops on either side of Great Western Road which provide a regular bus service to most parts of the City, and beyond. Timetables may be accessed here

Glasgow Bus Network Map available here.

Coaches (School Transport)

School coach services operate from the south and north-west sides of the city e.g. stopping at the Allander Centre. Parents interested in these services should contact the Administration Office on 0141 334 8558.


The Glasgow Underground provides a convenient means of travelling from the City Centre and the south side of the city. Its twin tunnels provide a circular service linking 15 stations in 24 minutes as follows:

Monday-Saturday: Trains run every 4 minutes at peak times, every 6 minutes during the day and every 8 minutes in the evenings.

Sunday: Trains run every 8 minutes.

Park & Ride: Car parking is available at Shields Road, Bridge Street and Kelvinbridge station. An inclusive ticket covers the cost of parking plus a return journey on the Underground. All car parks are equipped with closed-circuit TV surveillance.


A visitors’ parking system is in operation at Kelvinbridge. Visitors requiring a parking place should contact the Administration Centre at least 24 hours before their arrival, and on arrival report there for a permit. If you do not have a permit, please do not park in the car park.

Parking is forbidden in streets closest to the school other than in the designated white spaces. It is not allowed on the left hand side of Belmont Street running up from Great Western Road to Kelvin Memorial Church: there are signs to that effect on entering Belmont Street from Great Western Road and at the bridge by the Church.

Parents should also note that although parking is provided for parents to pick up children in the back playground from 2.50pm - 3.30pm each day, we cannot permit movement of cars between 3.10pm - 3.20pm as pupils change classes at this time. The whole playground is available for parking at school shows, prize-givings, special events etc., for which information will be forwarded.

Car Share

Others will be travelling in a similar route to you to school, or from school, so you can share your journeys. If you have empty seats in your car, why not share them with someone else on your route? Or sign up to find a lift from someone already driving your way to school. Or just take turns driving.