Top tips for exam success
The Glasgow Academy / Thursday, August 30, 2018 Top tips for exam success

In the 2018 SQA exams, a record 47 Academy pupils were awarded 5 or more A grades at Higher, with two pupils achieving seven A grades in one sitting.  Kian and Shoumita (S6) share their advice on how to give your very best and achieve your full potential.

In S5, Kian studied Higher English, Maths, French, Spanish, Latin, Physics and History. He believes it is important for pupils to set their own standards and try their very best to not let those standards slip. He recommends regular revision throughout the year and a commitment to preparing well in advance of Prelim exams, revising for the Prelims from November and over the Christmas holiday. It’s not all work and no play for Kian, who particularly enjoys The Academy’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF), not least the Military Skills Competition, and the Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Kian also plays piano and volunteers at a local charity shop.

Shoumita quickly established an excellent homework and revision routine at the beginning of S5, studying all three sciences, English, Maths, Latin and French. She thinks it is important to review course work regularly, with one to two hours’ revision each night. She consolidated her learning and used past papers to prepare for both Prelim and SQA exams. Her straight A grades were achieved while continuing her involvement in the RAF section of the CCF, playing piano and hockey, taking part in various public speaking competitions and participating in a number of committees at The Academy.