Skiing / Friday, October 5, 2018 Skiing season gets underway

On Wednesday 33 pupils from P2 to S6 competed in dual slalom competitions at Bearsden Ski Centre. The event sets teams of four skiers in head-to-head races against other teams, racing in a relay. Each team races the other teams and points are given to the winning team.

In the P1-4 event the team secured Bronze in their first competition – well done to Amber Fraser (MP3), Annabel Lapping (MP3), Robbie Rarity (P3) and Harrison Clarke (MP3). In the Primary Open competition, Euan Reilly (P5), Harry Black (P6), Jamie Thomson (P5) and Andrew Rarity (P5) secured Silver medals after a close semi-final; the boys are delighted to go through to the Primary Dual Slalom finals at Snow Factor on Wednesday 31 October to ski against teams from across Scotland.

In the Secondary competition the S1-3 team secured Bronze medals: congratulations to Olivia Middleton (S1), Scott Ritchie (S1), Fergus Munro (S3) and Sam Kenyon (S1). The Secondary Open team won Silver – Jennifer Turner (S6), Charlotte Sharp (S5), Melissa Sharp (S2) and Robin Deakin (S1) were beaten only by a team of huge senior boys from Bearsden Academy, so this is a fantastic achievement. The Open team will also go through to the Secondary finals at Snow Factor on Thursday 1 November, where last year they achieved third place.

Well done to everyone, especially those in their first races.