The Glasgow Academy, Geography / Wednesday, September 11, 2019 Royal Scottish Geographical Society Lectures

We are delighted to announce that The Glasgow Academy will be hosting the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) Inspiring People lectures this year. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for members of The Academy community, but most importantly the pupils, to enrich their education. 

The RSGS will be holding six evening lectures and six afternoon lectures which will take place in the Watson Auditorium of the Saunders Centre.

We are extremely fortunate to have such a well-respected and famous society working with us and we hope the lectures will inspire the Geographers, Social Scientists and Scientists of the future. 

This is not the first time we have had a link with the RSGS.  Former Academy pupil Sir James Mann Wordie (Class of 1906) joined nine polar expeditions, including as a geologist and chief of scientific staff for Sir Earnest Shackleton. 

He would later go on to help plan Sir Edmund Hillary's ascent of Everest and was later awarded the Scottish Geographical Medal which is the highest accolade, for conspicuous merit and a performance of world-wide repute'.

Sir James Wordie’s photograph hangs in the alumni gallery of the Saunders Centre.

If you are a parent of The Academy or non-member of the RSGS and you would like to attend a lecture, please see the Inspiring People lecture programme on the RSGS website.

Dates, speakers and topics can be found below...

Afternoon Lectures

  • 3 Oct 19 Colin Stafford-Johnson My Wild Atlantic Way
  • 7 Nov 19 Lizzie Daly Adventures in Wildlife Conservation
  • 5 Dec 19 Sean Conway Endurance Adventures: First, Furthest and Fastest
  • 9 Jan 20 Catherine Gemmell FRSGS STOP The Plastic Tide
  • 6 Feb 20 Mollie Hughes Tales from the Top of the World and Beyond
  • 5 Mar 20 Jonny Keeling The Making of Seven Worlds, One Planet

Evening Lectures

  • 18 Sep 19 Alice Morrison Walking Morocco’s Draa River
  • 16 Oct 19 Prof Doug Benn FRSGS A World Without Ice? Glaciers, Ice Sheets and Climate Change
  • 20 Nov 19 Colin Prior Photographing Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains
  • 22 Jan 20 Justine Gosling Tales From the Northwest Passage
  • 18 Feb 20 Selina Hales FRSGS A Rare and Unexpected Act of Humanity
  • 18 Mar 20 Prof Iain Stewart Tomorrow’s Cities: Reshaping the Future of Urban Disaster Risk