Milngavie / Thursday, November 12, 2020 Letters of kindness bring joy to Milngavie residents

Our pupils at The Glasgow Academy Milngavie are inspiring hope and kindness within their community through their Little Notes of Kindness campaign.

As part of the initiative which launched in October, pupils in Prep 1 to 4 have been busy writing letters to elderly residents at Milngavie Manor as well as those in the Milngavie Friendship Circle – a local group who would normally meet once a week in Milngavie town hall.

Most recently, pupils wrote to Mrs Fiona Williamson, a member of the Milngavie Friendship Circle, who has been shielding because of the coronavirus pandemic.  She said: “Receiving letters of kindness from the pupils truly did brighten my day; I’m even smiling as I think about it now.

“Their cheerful and positive attitude makes you forget about the challenging circumstances we all face right now, and I think that the Little Notes of Kindness campaign is an excellent example of how communities can come together to encourage hope and goodwill.

“The Milngavie Friendship Circle is an important part of our community which we will hopefully get to enjoy together again in the near future. In the meantime, kind gestures from pupils at The Glasgow Academy are incredibly important to help us all remain positive. The simple yet heart-warming notes of kindness will definitely bring joy to a number of residents in Milngavie.”