Cooking, Food Technology / Friday, March 1, 2019 La crème de la crème

We’re delighted that the winner of Bake Off’s Crème de la crème, Helen Vass, is working with our pupils, developing their talents and technique at our after-school baking club, which is open to all Senior School children, Wednesday 4 – 6pm.  Our children have so far made choux pastry, crème patisserie, melting moments biscuits, chocolate brownies, layered chocolate cake with ganache, salted caramel, cookies, scones and soda bread. This has been a real success. 

Another club, the Let’s get cooking club, run by Ms Dolan, is also open to all Senior School children and is particularly popular with S1s, who have enjoyed making dishes such as fajitas, Thai curry, stir fry and chicken fajitas, as well as scones.  The club aims to future-proof our children so that they can open a fridge and think what to do with what they see, rather than have to search recipes.   In the state-of-the-art room each pupil taking Nat 5 has their own cooker and sink and we have a technician to further support our young people.

As far as feeling confident about how to cook goes, and having fun being creative in making food, our young people reckon these clubs really are the icing on the cake.