Academicals / Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Katie takes Gold in a new WR time!

Many congratulations to former pupil Katie Archibald (2012) on her stunning performance as part of the Gold medal-winning GB women's pursuit team at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Katie admitted to being surprised at the margin of victory as she helped Great Britain win Olympic gold in the women's team pursuit.

Katie - along with teammates Laura Trott, Joanna Rowsell-Shand and Elinor Barker - set a new world record time of four minutes 10.236 seconds, comfortably ahead of the United States.

"We were convinced it was going to go down to the wire," said Archibald, 22.

"America come out harder than us. In all the previous rides we've not been up until the last kilo."

The Americans finished in four minutes 12.454 seconds, unable to match the intensity of the British women.

Katie said in the immediate aftermath: "I had a sneaky look at the end to see if we were there and once you get that champing-on-the-bit sensation, we felt like super heroes, I suppose.

"It's pretty special. I've not won a team pursuit since the Europeans this year.

"It's all the cliches at the moment; it's overwhelming, it's a dream come true, because nobody really expects that they'll make that gold medal."

Nobody, perhaps, other than all Katie's friends at Glasgow Academy!