The Glasgow Academy / Friday, September 20, 2019 Academic Societies Lectures I

This Friday pupils in the Senior School had three extension talks to choose from during lunchtime.

In the Arts Society, Mr McKellar spoke about the Foundations of Democracy, offering an insight into the origins of democracy, classical Athens, and the evolution of, or departure from, the idea.

In the World Society, Mr MacLean spoke on the topic of ‘The world: it’s all going to be okay!’ leading a talk and discussion on whether the world is becoming a better place, focusing on ideas of overpopulation; health, and indeed whether we approach statistics with positivity of negativity.

In the STEM Society, Ms Russell gave a lecture about ‘The Mathematics of Space Travel and Astronomy’ and spoke to a large group about the mathematics of space exploration and astronomy. The talk explored the fundamental equations involved in understanding the universe; the challenges that astronomers and astronauts face and how mathematics is helping us explore the universe.  

Our next round of talks take place on 4 October and will include lectures about Shakespeare’s Pirates; Exoplanets, and the Re-awakening of Russia. All pupils are encouraged to attend these lectures.