The Glasgow Academy / Monday, April 16, 2018 A celebration of our links: MYRIAD research with Oxford University

MYRIAD is a research project led by the University of Oxford into how schools promote young people’s well-being and resilience (the ability to adapt in the face of difficulties) throughout adolescence.

The MYRIAD project is based on the knowledge that adolescence is a vulnerable time for the onset of mental illness: 75% of mental disorders begin before the age of 24, and half by age 15.

By aiming to promote good mental health and intervening early, we may be able to help prevent mental illness from developing and mitigate its effects when it does.

At The Glasgow Academy we are continuously reviewing and improving how we best teach emotional health and well-being, believing that it can affect the way children learn, behave and develop into adulthood.

Through working in partnership with Oxford University on this project over a 4-year period, we have a dedicated Research Assistant at Oxford who is overseeing our involvement.

We are taking part in important national research into comparing different types of emotional health and well-being lessons taught in schools and their impact on young people.

You can read more about the project in the newsletter below...

MYRIAD Newsletter - March 2018