Throughout each term pupils from the Senior School (S4-S6) can learn and hone their skills in the sport of shooting.

The team focuses on the skills required for indoor target rifle shooting in a safe and friendly environment, making use of The Academy's purpose-built indoor range, all under the watchful tutorage of our Commonwealth Games coach, Mr Mabon.

Pupils not only learn Rifle Safety, Range Management and Marksmanship principles, there is also the opportunity to represent their school at both national and international level. Every year, the Shooting Team have been proud to be selected to participate and win across several divisions, as well as continuously year on year provide representation for Scotland at an international level. This is no mean feat, as only two teams of twelve firers were selected from all of the Scottish small-bore shooting schools, including civilian clubs.

Interest in the Shooting Team is supported by the S4-S6 year groups passing on their abilities by practising their coaching skills in taking keen groups of S3 pupils through their paces, to become the next generation of small-bore firers. The programme has seen continued success, with many of the S3s taking Shooting as their Games option the following year.

Continued development and improvement through training is a key ethos of the Shooting Team, with pupils coaching other pupils.