Fitness Suite

The TGA Fitness Suite opened in 2016 and is widely used by pupils and staff to enhance learning and development through curricular, co-curricular and recreational experiences.

The aim of the TGA Fitness Suite is to provide our pupils with a high-quality facility that promotes and supports health, wellbeing and inclusion for all of our pupils and enhances the sporting performance and achievement of those involved in team and individual sport.

The Fitness Suite encompasses two rooms: a CV room with a range of conditioning equipment and a separate weights room.

The CV room features 6 treadmills, 4 cross-trainers, 2 upright bikes, 2 spin bikes and a high performance Watt bike in addition to four separate strength and condition machines.

The Weights room features two barbells racks with weight discs and benches in addition to a dumbbell rack, medicine balls, sandbags and TRX equipment.

Irrespective of ability, interest or experience, the fitness suite is a welcoming, motivational environment which all pupils and staff can access through a comprehensive programme of supervised sessions, before, during and after school.


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