The summer term at The Glasgow Academy offers boys the opportunity to play in our extensive Cricket programme.

We play fixtures every Saturday across Scotland against other schools and play from Prep 6 through to our Senior 1st XI.

Our Senior XI also play in some prestigious fixtures against The Forty Club and the MCC during the summer months; we also host a Prep 7 tournament and Senior 6's.

We are fortunate to have ex-Indian fast bowler Hari Hariharan on our staff to pass on his extensive knowledge to both players and coaches through our Games and after-school sessions. These sessions allow the boys to be offered specialist training to give them every chance of reaching their full potential.

A summer's morning, across our two venues, with players in their crisp white outfits, giving their all, is a sight to behold during the Summer term.

Junior Cricket Coaching Courses - Summer 2021

The Glasgow Academy is running cricket coaching courses during the Summer holidays for any young and enthusiastic cricketer.

The courses will be organised and delivered by Mr Vedam Hariharan who is the cricket professional with The Academy during the summer, and a leading overseas coach in Australian and Indian Cricket Centres of Excellence.

Junior Courses

Cricket tour 4
Cricket tour 3
Cricket tour 7
Cricket tour 2
Cricket tour
Cricket tour 5
Cricket tour 7
Cricket tour 6