RENT School Edition tells the story of a group of young people trying to discover who they are, what they stand for, and who they can trust. 

They are looking for a "connection in an isolated age". They are individuals who support each other's differences, while relishing their common ground.  Mostly, however, they just want to become successful members of society by doing something they believe in.  The show is about a community of people, each with their own quirks and problems, finding a way to live together. 

It's a positive message and incredibly eclectic score, featuring some of the most iconic numbers in the modern musical theatre canon, such as Seasons of Love, Take Me or Leave Me, Out Tonight and La Vie Boheme, which make RENT a musical that will hopefully live long in the memory of our 35-strong cast. 

As the show celebrates, there truly is 'no day but today' and this production is a moment we look forward to sharing with The Glasgow Academy audience. 

Meet the cast below and find out what RENT means to them...

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Rent - Helena Alexander 1.jpg


Helena Alexander - Joanne
I think Joanne is one of the more compassionate characters in the show. I relate to her on the fact that she is a very strong person, who takes no nonsense, especially when she is sceptical that Maureen is cheating on her. However she is also very forgiving of everyone, and is able to look past mistakes people might have made, especially Maureen. She realises friendship is the most important thing the group has. At first you see the tough lawyer she is in her professional life, but as her character develops, she is shown to be a lot more caring than her feisty exterior shows off.

Rent - Torin Forbes 1.jpg


Torin Forbes - Roger
I play the character of Roger in RENT. I think Roger is a reserved man, because of his girlfriend committing suicide after being diagnosed with AIDS, which he also suffers from. He is afraid of meeting someone new because of his illness, and doesn't want them to have to deal with this reality. Roger and Mark's relationship is a close and intimate one. I really like the fact they share everything together and how Mark is consistently concerned for Roger's overall well-being.

Rent - Sarah Hodge 1.jpg


Sarah Hodge - Mimi
I am playing Mimi Marquez who is a nineteen-year-old girl who survives solely on the pittance she earns from being a dancer in a club. Along with many of her circle of friends, she also dabbles in drugs, develops a habit and is confronted with AIDS. At first, trying to relate myself to Mimi seemed like quite the challenge; however, as the rehearsal process went on, I discovered some similarities, such as we can both be outgoing and feisty, but also very closed off and choose to put on a brave face and try and hide any underlying personal issues. Playing such a complex character has helped me to explore a variety of different emotions.

Rent - Pearce Hopkins 1.jpg


Pearce Hopkins - Collins
Tom Collins is an anarchist and professor of 'Computer Age Philosophy' who suffers from AIDS. He has returned to New York City to see his old room-mates, Mark and Roger, after being fired from MIT, despite working there for six months. I feel that I am similar to Collins in the way we are both ambitious and try to make the best of the situations that we are in.

Rent - Helena Leite 1.jpg


Helena Leite - Angel
Angel is a New York drag queen that is full of positivity and has a “live in the moment” kind of attitude. Like Angel, I am flamboyant, energetic, enthusiastic and I care a lot about my friends and family. However, Angel has the confidence I lack; she is not afraid to be who she is, and unlike Angel I worry constantly about the past, present and future and about what people think.

Rent - Annabel McCusker 1.jpg


Annabel McCusker - Maureen
Maureen, to me, is very confident in herself and has no problem sticking up for her friends and what she believes in. She doesn’t mind looking silly or weird. She is just herself and will not change that for anyone. She is definitely strong-willed and very stubborn, with a fiery temper at times, but there is nothing she values more than her friends.

Rent - Alastair McLeod 1.jpg


Alastair McLeod - Mark
Mark is the link between audience and performer in RENT. Through his documentary narrations, he lets the audience know the backstories of the characters and keeps them updated on what is happening in the current situation. For the audience, he is their eyes and ears.

Rent - Fayz Siddiqui 1.jpg


Fayz Siddiqui - Benny
Benny is an ambitious opportunist. We are similar in the sense that we try to help those around us, even when that leads to the opposite outcome. He is constantly trying to prove to the other characters that he does not want to hurt them, and that he is only trying to help his friends and bring their shared dream into reality. However, in his position of wealth, he fails to understand that he is going against their bohemian ideals.