Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was first introduced at The Academy in 1984. Thirty years later we are one of the most successful centres in the independent sector; this year 81% of S3 started, and completed, their Bronze Awards, we introduced a new mountain biking option for the Silver Award and the Gold Award saw a record number of participants with 70 set to complete this prestigious level before they leave school.

The Award scheme aims to encourage pupils to become more aware of others, to develop high-level teamwork and leadership skills, to help them learn to appreciate their environment, to foster the development of their own abilities, and to give them opportunities to become more self-reliant. The Academy is glad to support and encourage all of these excellent aims.

In September of their S3 year, all pupils have the opportunity to begin the Bronze Award and start working on its four sections: Physical activity, Skills, Volunteering and Expedition. Parents and pupils are invited to attend an information evening at the start of the Autumn Term to learn how they can get involved.