The Army Section provides Cadets with a challenging range of activities and an insight into Army life.

During their first year in the Army Section, Cadets are instructed in Bearing and Turnout, Foot Drill, Military Knowledge, First Aid, Map and Compass, Skill at Arms, Shooting, Self-Reliance and Fieldcraft.

The autumn and summer Field Days are used for all aspects of training and in addition the Army Section spends the first week of the school summer holidays at a CCF Central Camp where there are many opportunities for both military and adventurous training.

Having completed a year of initial training, Cadets are eligible for promotion and, in order to further develop their Leadership and Organisational skills, they will be trained in Cadet Forces Instructional Techniques by a  Sergeant Instructor from the Cadet Training Team.  During the Cadet’s second year, their training is continued, but with the emphasis on Fieldcraft, Platoon Tactics, Patrolling, Shooting and Self-Reliance.        

In S5, Senior Cadets may opt for special-to-arms training with the Advanced Infantry Cadre.  Having expanded their specialist knowledge, they may become eligible for further promotion within the Army Section.  They can then apply their valuable experience either instructing the Junior Cadets or in an equally important administrative role.

They will also have the opportunity to attend various courses, all of which are designed to develop an individual as a leader, courtesy of the Regular Army.  These include Leadership Development, First Aid or a Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre.