Pipes & Drums

Every Monday and Friday, the stirring sound of the Pipes and Drums will be heard, as after-school rehearsals take place. The Pipes and Drums represent The Academy at a series of prestigious events every year, and need dedicated students to continue to sustain and develop our success. To help the pipers and drummers of the future achieve their potential, we are fortunate to have a team of highly experienced tutors. We are in the constant process of creating a well-trained musical ensemble, of which everyone connected with The Academy can be proud.

Through events such as the Academy Christmas Show and other concert formats, we display the development process of every student, from beginner to Pipe Major and Leading Drummer, providing a showcase for both individual and group performances, at various levels of achievement and experience.

Having the support of everyone involved with the school, and a plan for student development at Prep-school level, we are continually building on current standards and forming a more demanding repertoire for the young musicians. In addition to individual tuition, we have group Chanter sessions on Wednesdays, after school, to develop ensemble playing. When they are considered ready, Prep-school players will rehearse with the band, and will eventually become part of all the performances undertaken by the Pipes and Drums, including involvement with other elements of the Academy Music Department, and the opportunity of participating in overseas music tours.