Gavel Club

There is a long history of public speaking at The Academy and the Gavel Club was founded over forty years ago as a forum for pupils to learn and practise their speaking skills. The Club meets on alternate Fridays during the first and second terms from 4 pm until just before the Janitor locks the school at 6 pm.

The first part of the meeting comprises three prepared speeches, each followed by a brief, and usually constructive, criticism. After the break (and the cut-price coke and biscuits) comes the topics session: a topics-master puts questions to individuals in the audience and other members are encouraged to air their views.

The Club is organised and controlled by the three office-bearers chosen from S6 and everyone from S3 is welcome to come along, whether as a contributor or simply as a listener. Over the years the Gavel Club has produced many speakers who have achieved success in the various public speaking competitions in Scotland.