The Senior School Eco Group is thriving and continues to work hard on ecological and environmental issues, as well as highlighting the matter of sustainable education within the school community. We continue to make successful links from Kindergarten to Senior School, to ensure that the Kelvinbridge campus is collaborating together in the run up the next Green Flag application (2019). Having just completed two years of hard work on the topics: Litter, Transport and, Food and Waste our focus continues to be Littler; however, as a school, we voted for the topics of No Poverty, Clean Water and Zero Hunger.
Over the last year we have come up with many great ideas. The Eco Group was divided into three teams (Poverty, Water and Litter) with each group writing their own action plans for the year with many of the actions already being competed. Some of the achievements to date include ensuring that every classroom and social area has both a normal bin and a recycling bin with information on which products go in each.
Alongside this, the Group ran an S1 Bin Competition where the S1 tutor groups had to design and decorate their own recycling bin by only using recyclable products they had collected. During March, we took part in Waste Week 2017 for the 6th consecutive year. Activities were carried out during tutor time and in our Houses' such as 'TRASHion' where pupils had to design and make their own fashion item out of recycled material. The group has also been working alongside our catering staff and the canteen now promotes both organic and local grown produce on their menus. We are also going to trial using jugs of water at the next Parents' Evening (starting in the new term) instead of using over 70 plastic water bottles each Parents' Evening.

Some of our more long-term actions are already in progress and we have had plenty of discussion on how we wish to tackle them. Some of these ideas include: sharing more resources and ideas with our link school in India, taking part in Transport Tuesday again to raise awareness on the use of transport to and from school, thinking of ways to make cycling to school easier and safer for staff and pupils and introducing our own water bottle into the Senior School to reduce the number of pupils buying a plastic bottle each day.
We are also looking forward to thinking of new ways to tackle our actions as well as working with a variety of staff members and pupils to help make sure that every student at TGA is working together to make sure our school is Eco and Sustainably friendly!

Eco Group meets on a Friday at 1:20pm in H4 (History/Modern Studies building)