Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club
Chemistry Club is run by Dr Sowden and Mrs Hunter for S1 to S3 pupils. During the Autumn Term, pupils carry out various fun experiments which become gradually more investigative in their nature. Highlights are flaming pumpkins, liquid nitrogen ice-cream, 'perfect poo' and gunpowder. In the Spring and Summer Terms the pupils are able to undertake their own investigations in order to gain a Bronze BA CREST Award. Topics have included rainbows, fireworks, a gunpowder canon, volcanoes, soap and a fire-breathing dragon. Read more here

Thales Engineering club
Three STEM Ambassador engineers from Thales come to the school every Wednesday from 4.30 until 6.30 to work with S1 to S6 the pupils on a variety of projects. These have included the Junior Saltire Award, Rampaging Chariots, West Point Bridge Designer and the Toyota Technology Challenge. Each summer pupils also take part in the Young Engineers and Science Clubs Technology Challenge and this year also attended the Scottish Robotic Games. Read more here.

Collapsed Timetable Days
These were introduced to the school by Dr Sowden and are something that she has worked to develop further with the London Science Museum. Each year the P7 pupils are off-timetable for a morning to take part in a Volcano Survival Challenge, which links closely to their curriculum. Then at the end of the year the S1 and S2 pupils usually have a day of fun science, based on a theme. S1 pupils have taken part in Microbes and Medicines and a Rocket Launch and the S2 pupils have dealt with imaginary Deputy Rector murders, Alien Abductions and a Climate Change Conference. These days focus on teamwork and problem-solving skills and dealing with situations in real-life contexts.