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Modern Languages

Welcome to the Modern Languages Department!

This is a vibrant part of the school, where there is much more to learning a language than grammar rules and vocabulary. We offer French and Spanish from S1 up to Advanced Higher, and Arabic in S2, leading to a GCSE in S4. Through your languages career at the school, you will learn about the people and places where the language is spoken. Starting with the basics in S1, you will improve your language skills each year, building on previous knowledge, to reach confidence in communicating with native speakers, sharing interests, ideas and opinions with other people. You will have an opportunity to take part in foreign trips, cross-curricular activities and regular day trips, all to enthuse you about the life of the language you are learning.

The study of languages can be very rewarding. As globalisation accelerates, employers are more than ever looking for employees with language skills and therefore a language can be a definite plus when you are applying for jobs. A degree in languages will offer a range of opportunities. In recent years, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the desirability of having a language element within a degree in another field, e.g. Law with Languages, Business Administration and Languages. And often, when you are already learning one language, learning another is easier.