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Our aim is to promote mathematics as a source of interest and pleasurable achievement for all pupils. 

The Mathematics Department is located in dedicated rooms in the main building which are all equipped with interactive whiteboards. All members of the Department make full use of ICT facilities which include a class set of graphics calculators and access to wireless-enabled laptops.

Of course not everything is "high tech" and we insist that pupils come properly prepared for their maths lessons with the usual mathematical instruments: pencil, ruler, rubber, protractor, compasses. Depending on their age and stage, pupils are also expected to have either a scientific or graphics calculator. For those who have lost or forgotten their equipment the Department carries a small stock where they may be obtained, for a small charge. 

We employ a variety of strategies to challenge and stimulate all our pupils throughout the school. Most topics are introduced through "real life" contexts or problem solving investigations. Those with a real interest in mathematics are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities and read challenging, problem solving literature, like the magazine Symmetry Plus and articles in Circa Maths. 

Support for Learning staff regularly work in our classrooms, co-operative teaching takes place and we make good use of Sixth Year pupils as helpers. Any pupil requiring additional tutoring on any topic is made very welcome at our maths "Clinic" which takes place weekly after school and is widely advertised. 

Every year we have pupils attempting Advanced Higher Mathematics and Advanced Higher Applied Mathematics (we offer both Statistics and Mechanics as options). We pride ourselves as being very successful in terms of examination success and regularly have pupils going on to university to study mathematics or related subjects.