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Welcome to the History Department! Our pupils are studying a subject of great importance. Not only is history about you, your heritage and the past, but it is a subject which gives you considerable skills which are attractive to employers and which make you a useful citizen.

History is studied by all pupils in S1 and S2 at The Glasgow Academy. Beyond that, the department offers National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses. You can find out more about our courses, and about other aspects of the Department, by clicking on the links in the menu on the left.

Core Skills

  • History teaches you how to work on your own initiative or with others.
  • History teaches you to research, analyse and communicate your findings to others.
  • History teaches you to defend and support your opinions against criticism.
  • History is essential for learning the core skills of the workplace as in this rapidly changing world employers want people who are:
    • Independent thinkers.
    • Open-minded.
    • Disciplined.
    • Good at problem solving.
    • Able to pick out the essential from the trivial.

The highly respected ‘Which?’ consumer guides wrote the following in their ‘Which Subject, Which Career? Book 2002’:

‘Historians are regarded as having had an education that trains their minds to assemble, organise and present facts and opinions and this is a very useful quality in many walks of life and careers. History is an excellent preparation for very many other jobs.’