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Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School 

Senior pupils at the entrance to schoolThe Glasgow Academy aims to develop pupils’ initiative, responsibility and enthusiasm. Here is what some of them say:

The Academy gives pupils the opportunities to perform and enjoy activities in every area. This year, among other things, I will be producing a student-led production of 'An Inspector Calls'. If it was not for the help and encouragement from members of staff it would never be possible. The Academy is a great place for experiencing all the different ways of enjoying school life.

I enjoy everything about the school – it is a well-rounded place. The best things are the friends I have made and the opportunities available. The teachers encourage us in everything – I hope to go on the politics and history trip to New York and Washington DC this autumn!

I have been at the Academy since I was five and I must like it since I have been absent only once! As well as academic study there are many other activities and I play in the concert band and enjoy making music with other people.

The Glasgow Academy has always encouraged the invaluable importance of honesty and respect – two lessons in life that we cannot live without.

I am really glad that I go to the Academy; there is great support for the ideas and hopes of the pupils.

I have always enjoyed my classes at the Academy. I have found myself more and more enthused about my subjects. The English Department has become almost a second home and my love of literature owes a great deal to the teachers I have had throughout my time here.

I believe The Glasgow Academy allows all of its pupils to express themselves fully through various mediums, such as music, art, sport and drama. I also feel that growing up in an environment which helps stimulate your interests allows you to perform to your potential. I consider myself very privileged to be educated at The Glasgow Academy.