Experience the difference


Prep 5

P5 is a very exciting time because it is the stage at which children who have begun their education at our Milngavie and Dairsie sites join permanently with those already at Kelvinbridge. This is a chance for the children to mix, make new friends and realise that their new-found friends have been studying exactly the same things for the past few years!

Learning opportunities available to all pupils in P5 include:

  • Acquiring a more mature use of language in all curricular areas and particularly so when reading and writing
  • Opportunities to consolidate mathematical skills through contextualised problem solving
  • The chance to research and explore topics such as France, Ivan’s Island, Rivers, The Tudors and Stuarts, Earth and Space, and Health
  • Outings to local points of interest
  • Working with specialist teachers in PE, Music and French
  • Regular visits to our computer suite
  • Participating in 'Games' on a Friday afternoon. This means rugby, athletics and cricket for boys, and hockey, tennis and athletics for girls
  • Regular homework, which serves to reinforce the wide range of material covered, particularly in Maths and Language
  • The chance to participate in one of our weekly clubs, which include sports, languages, drama and artistic activities