Experience the difference


Newlands Kindergarten

At Newlands, our Kindergarten is a happy, lively and friendly place to be. The playroom is bright and airy and overlooks the large outdoor area and colourful playground.

A healthy snack is provided during both morning and afternoon sessions. Children’s preferences are considered and children are regularly consulted in the planning of the menus.

We are a ”Smile Too Nursery”. All Kindergarten children brush their teeth once during the school  day. Brushes are provided by the school.

We support children's learning in a variety of ways. Learning Outcomes are in line with national and local guidelines. We follow the 3-5 Curriculum and take into account the Curriculum for Excellence. We seek to monitor the curriculum delivery and content through a systematic approach or self-evaluation based in the Child at the Centre 2 document. All experiences we offer children, which are so important for their development, are underpinned by the guidelines provided.

Children are supported in a small friendly environment. The maximum  number of children in the playroom is 17. Good pupil/staff ratios ensure the children can all feel at home very quickly in their intimate setting. Children are supported and encouraged by staff who take time to listen to their needs and those of their family.

Joining the school for assembly on Fridays and occasionally on a Wednesday when a year group has prepared an Assembly, helps the Kindergarten children feel part of the bigger school. This is a strength at Dairsie as the children are very much part of the whole school, fully-involved in school activities, fund raising and charity events. At Dairsie we have a small team of  highly-experienced and motivated staff. All staff know the children well and the children soon become familiar with the staff who work with them.

Children have lots of opportunities for physical activity in a variety of ways. Every day the children are outside in the playground for at least 20 minutes' active play. There are opportunities for developing skills on bikes and scooters, to play games, climb on the logs and play with others or have a quiet time with their own thoughts.

The children learn PE, Music and French from specialist teachers during the week.

The main thrust of the curriculum delivery is in the morning, but Kindergarten children can remain all day if parents require it.

Some of the children's comments and feelings about Kindergarten:

"I love to play football."
"I like French."
"I like going to gym and hugging you."

Kindergarten Day 

AM Kindergarten: 9 am - 12 noon
Lunch: 12 noon - 1 pm
PM Kindergarten: 1 pm - 4 pm

French - Wednesday am

Gym - Tuesday and Friday

Music - Monday and Thursday

Assembly - Friday at 9 am

Show and Tell - Friday